Publishable document vs Not Publishable document - Broker webMethods

Hello everybody!

I have doubts about what’s the difference between using a publishable document during the whole execution of an instance or just use it to start the process and after that, map publishable document to an identical not publishable document to continue the execution.

Is there any change in Broker performance or IS performance with this?

Thanks a lot for your responses in advance.


Hello Jennifer,

For my point of view the second option is the one to go with.

However I have used it as a good practice for the following reasons:

  • there usually is no need to carry around the publishable document that started the process throut the whole process
  • it is easier when selecting the logged fields. If you have a publishable document and you don’t want (and you usually don’t) to have the envelope fields as logged fields you will need to select the document and then deselect the envelope fields.

I am not aware of any performance problems. You will have a slightly lighter document if you do not use the publishable document in the process.

I am curios of what others have to say as well.

Best regards,
Vlad Turian

Vlad, thanks a lot for your response.

I was wondering how could I do that.

Using a service to map the publishable document to an identical not publishable or is there another way to do it.

Thanks again.


Hi Jennifer,

you can define the DocType twice (one publishable and one non-publishable) with different names.

The first thing in the service being invoked by the publishable DocType would just be simple MAP-Step mapping the publishable Document to the non-publishable one.


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Hi Holger.

Thanks for your response.

That’s what I’m going to do.


I agree with Holger.

What I do is that I have 2 documents:

  • MyDocument
  • MyDocumentNotification which contains inside MyDocument and the envelope that is added automatically when you make it publishable.

Usually in the first step of the process after the receive step I do a simple mapping.

Hope this helps,
Vlad Turian

Great to know all these things.

Thank you all!!