Publish-wait request times out

I have a custom adapter and the JDBC adapter. I’m doing a publish-wait from the custom to the JDBC adapter but frequently I get a ‘request timed out’ error. For both adapters I’ve set the # of adapter processes to 2. Both adapters are in the same client group and I’ve verified that canSubscribe and canPublish is set for the request and reply documents.

My timeout is set for 300 seconds but it’s only taking .084 seconds for the JDBC adapter to execute it’s stored proc. I added steps to output documents so I can analyze if the stored procedure is indeed exceeding the 300 seconds. It’s working fine! Load on the database is low.

Over the weekend the integrations worked fine, they were called about 20 times.

I also have another publish-wait that has had no problems, the only difference being that the two adapters are in separate client groups.

Anybody run into this situation before?

tony, I’m also facing the same sort of problem… with JDBC adapter…

Did u get the solution for that ?
please pass on