Publish-Subscribe in 6.5 broker

I am publishing a document from publish service, have a trigger that calls subscribe service on receiving the publishable document. I find that my publish service is publishing the document with no error. I verify it documentTracker as well. but it doesnot come to subscribe service. If i run the trigger manually, it calls the subscribe service. any suggestion ?

Confirm that the service that is invoked when your trigger receives the specified document uses the fully qualified name of the publishable document type as its input. If you name it something else or have a typo in the document type name, the service will still be invoked, but the data will not be placed into the document that you expect.

Adding a pub.flow:tracePipeline call at the top of the triggered service will 1) confirm that your service is being invoked and 2) show you exactly what data is being placed into your service’s pipeline.