Publish step hangs

Hi guys. The publish step is hanging (hourglass) on an existing service that’s been working for years. I had the admin restart the broker but it’s still hanging.

I added some debug logging to the subscribe side and it’s not getting to that point. And in mywebmethods there are no errors. log publish is set up for the docs but I don’t see anything logged there.

There was recently some separate locked database objects (service was hanging on db update). the locks were removed and that is working now. the db is separate from the broker just thought I’d mention it since it was a related issue timing wise.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Maybe a doc resync? Shot in the dark.

I’m resynching via the developer and it’s spinning again, not responding -so some type of issue connecting to broker? i’m thinking of rebooting the whole IS.

For future benefit here’s what happened:

Docs seem to be going thru now.

Not sure what happened but after the database locking problem, had the db locked objects removed (separate from broker issue). then the service was hanging on the ‘publish to the broker’ step. When I restarted the server the db connection was gone from the admin (but is showing in the code). The IS wouldn’t let me recreate the connection since it was already in the code package. So i asked the administrator to restart the broker which didn’t seem to resolve the problem. There were no errors or issues in the logs. So I asked her to reload the package containing the connection and other code. The IS hung reloading so I got her to shut the IS down, delete the package and reload it. everything seems to be okay now.

No idea why this all happened but it seems to be okay after doing all this.