publish documentType log file

Hi All,

i have published a document to the broker,where can i see the documentType is published,where can i get log details about document has been published to the broker.i can find in Audit log about publish service has been invoked but donot find which document type is published in the Audit log,can any explain how can i see Document type log file details which of the the DocumentType has been published.i have enabled Document Type Logging in Broker Server also,but i donot find log details.

ANil Kumar Ellendula

Depending on the version of the server you are using, you should check in WmBrokerAdmin or MyWebmethods Messaging screens. Documents that are logged can be viewed in Monitor. Please refer to the Platform logging guide for details.

Also, please install webMethods Logging Utility package ‘WmLogUtil’ and make sure that the audit subsystem is configured to log data to a database.


You can also use Document Tracker, to see the incoming Document List in real-time .

Document Tracker displays the following :

  • Document Type
  • Contents of Document
  • Broker receive time
  • Broker enqueue time

NB : Document Tracker is not a supported tool.