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I am new user of WM and i want to publish a document to the client so what are the steps i have to follow…
please help


Hi There,
For newbies we always suggest to go through documentation, ( pub-sub model in your case ) as to get the idea behind the concept and how to implement it. If you stuck some where in understanding the concept/implementting the concept then someone will definitely try to assist.


If you want to publish a document to a specified client try using the deliver BIS in pub.publish folder.

Iwant to publish a document locally and i followed these steps

1.create a documenet of broker type and make it publisable type
2. added some strings in it Id and NAME
3. made a flow service in that servive i take input the same document that i created and inove a pub:publish:publish service.
4. when i run dis service i give input ID is 12 and NAME is ROHIT i got a error and the error is that
Exception: [ISS.0085.9160] Invalid input. ‘documentTypeName’ is a required parameter of type String

please correct me where i wrong


Provide the absolute path of the document in “documentTypeName” field

i did but still not working

Hello Dude,

For a local publish broker connectivity is not needed. IS just acts as a broker. For more info. refer pub-sub guide.

Follow the steps:

Create a document say localDoc and add a string message and make it publishable (make sure IS is not connected to broker)

Create a subscribing service (add a debugLog and write some message) and create a trigger as usual

Run the publishable document directly and do a local publish or you can use publish BIS.

Let me know if you still face issues.

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stuck in subscribe side i created the trigger but confuse which service i can call for publish and which service i can call in trigger

Are you using developer/designer?

In the trigger use a subscribing service. The subscribing service just write a flow service which invokes debugLog and map the string field of the publishable document to the input of debugLog step.

For publishing a document simply run the document from the run button. I hope I am not confusing you :stuck_out_tongue: