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I using JMS Message for publishing a document using topic based trigger. When I debug Subscriber (using RestorePiepline option) then in debug mode I can see that subscriber has successfully received JMS message as shown in below screenshot:

How can i use it inside my flow service for mapping (i can see it in debug mode as shown in screenshot but I am not sure how to capture this received message inside flow service).

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Hy everyone,

I have found that there a built-in service under WmPublic package (WmPublic > Pub > JMS > receive ) by invoking this service we can consume the received jms message in our flow service.


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If you are publishing document using JMS then you can consume/access published document in subscriber using built-in service WmPublic β†’ Pub β†’ JMS β†’ receive

Whereas if you are publishing document directly (without using JMS) then you can access document in subscriber as following:

In publishable document when you are publishing a message using webMethods trigger (local) you have to check some key points I mentioned below:

  • To make a document type publishable In the Properties view, set the Publishable property to True.


  • When you’re receiving published document in your Subscriber (service), then name of the document reference must be the fully qualified name of the publishable document type.


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