Publish and Wait

Hi, new here

Got a question on using Publish-and-Wait:

When we specify the “Recieved Document Name”, should I publish this document back to the Broker or does Publish-and-Wait know to pick up it up from the targeting service?

Thanks for the help in advance! =)

Hi Henry,

you have to use service “reply” (in WmPublic package i think) in target service to send back a document. In Advantage there is a special wM developer publish and subscribe guide

Henry and Arslan,

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The Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide can be found in the \Developer\Doc\Guides folder as well as on Advantage. You may also want to review the description for the pub.publish:publishReply service.

The service processing the document type published by publishAndWait should use publishReply to publish a response document type to the broker. There is no option to retrieve a document type directly from a service. Request/reply routing is handled by the broker not be the publishing or replying services themselves.


Correct me if I’m wrong Mark, but I think the service of interest here is pub.publish:reply rather than publishReply.

Oops. You are correct. The correct name of the service is pub.publish:reply.

Good catch.

Thanks for the help guys!