public ldap services

Hi All,

First time i’m working with LDAP.

Successfully connected to LDAP and able to do connect, disconnect, bind, list and search too. Now, i’m trying to expose one of my flow service as webservice to third party client. my flow service inputs are userName and passWord. so when the third party client enters the userName and passWord my flow service start processing and at some point in this flow service i need to validate the userName and passWord combination is good or not againist LDAP. Here start’s my problem, i’m not sure how to do this validation.

I tried this scenario, which I feel is not the right procedure in Validation,
i used pub.ldap:search and given Filter conditiion as B[/b] and it pulled the record which matched the given filter criteria, but when i tried like this B[/b] it throwed the following error
Error message : javax.naming.NamingException: [LDAP: error code 92]; remaining name "

And when i checked in LDAP all the profile fields are in normal text format, but password is in some encrypted format.

FYI–> IS-6.5 and i didn’t touched anything in IS admin page–>UsersandGroups–>ExternalUserManagementConfiguration.

I really appreciate if anyone can provide me your suggestions/information.

If I miss any info or if you need any more info please let me know. Advance thanks.

Sorry for the late reply. It’s working fine. I used ldap:connect public service to validate users aganist LDAP.

The services in the ldap folder have been deprecated. To access and update information on an LDAP directory server, use the services in the client.ldap folder instead.

Try pub.client.ldap:bind instead.