Publdapconnect with LDAPS

Has anyone created a service to do LDAPS? It seems that pub.ldap.connect does not support LDAPS. I was looking around on google for LDAPS with JNDI but my feeble attempts at changing the existing service to accompodate LDAPS were unsuccessful.

Does anyone have the modified source for pub.ldap.connect?

OK…I recreated the services within pub.ldap (connect, search, and disconnect) in order to call them using the SSL standards that are outlined in the JNDI documentation. However, I still can not connect. I think its a certificate problem, but server level certificates, not IS level certificates since the IS level certs were tested.

Any ideas?

You need to update the cacerts file in your JVM/lib/security directory with the CA Certificate from your LDAP server. Make sure it’s added as trusted. Then restart IS and it should work.