pub.task.taskclient:getTask returns old version of task data

Hi Guys,

The IS service pub.task.taskclient:getTask returns old version of task data. However, if I use the JAVA Task API http://:/services/bizPolicy/task?WSDL it returns me the latest version of task data.

The input given for both the services (IS and JAVA API) is same. I can see IS server (wmTaskClient) is pointing to the same MWS server as the JAVA Task API to get data. Any hints on why the IS service returns old data?

Input for both the services -

By any chance does the IS task client API maintain any cache?

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Hi Raj,

Are your MWS servers in a cluster?

This might explain the behavior. The calls that come from IS might hit a node that was not updated yet.

I do not think it is a cache problem but you can easily rule that out by clearing the IS cache or restarting the service…assuming that you are allowed to do that.

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Vlad Turian