Pub/Sub trigger service is disabled

Hi All,
Assume in a pub/sub scenario we had a valid trigger and after sometime we have disabled that trigger service now if any new document is get subscribed then what will happen?


Hello devi,
A trigger service is a Flow service and have never seen a property to disable a Flow service.

Perhaps you are asking [after sometime we have disabled that trigger]

If I interpreted your question correctly, then I provide the following explanation: A trigger is a client to the Message Broker. Therefore, if the client (trigger) is disabled when a new document is submitted, then the new document will remain in the Message Broker.

I hope this helps.

If you disable the trigger then the subscription is dropped and the service will never see the events that occurred while the trigger is disabled.

If you suspend the trigger then the trigger simply does not retrieve documents from Broker, and they will remain stored on the Broker (if the queue and the doc type are configured as guaranteed) until the trigger is resumed.

Of course this information is in the documentation–so I recommend you review the docs.

" is disabled when a new document is submitted, then the new document will remain in the Message Broker."

This is not accruate. Please review the wM docs.

reamon, thank you for clarifying. My mistake in confusing disabled with suspend. When I read devi’s post my eyes read disabled but my brain saw suspend. Therefore my answer was incorrect.

When I was discussing with one of my friend he told subscribing part is disabled, after seeing answers here, now only I believed that, I misunderstood his statements, in no way we can disable that trigger service, (he meant trigger is disabled) we can only disable the trigger. Thank you for your answers.


trigger has the chance to enable/deenabled
it is shown in following diagram
if the trigger property enabled set to false all the subscribers cont subscribe the doccument which is present in the trigger.
while creating trigger for testing u may enable other wise dont set the property enable to false