Pub-Sub Model: webmethods Dispatcher

Hi ,

Can anybody tell me what is a dispatcher?

Whether it’s a component in webMethods IS or a service or it’s feature that exist in webMethods?


Hi Deb,
Dispatcher is not a component in webMethods like Broker, TN. And it is not a service too.

Dispatcher is responsible for taking the request from Integration server to Broker when document is published. If suppose the Broker is not available, then data will be taken to Outbound document store (in case of guaranteed) by dispatcher. So, this is not something that is in Broker, whereas it resides in Integration Server.

You can read publish subscribe guide to know more details.


Thanks Senthil for your reply.

But if i’ll ask you what is dispatcher? what do you say.whether it’s a feature or property that resides in the integration server, then how … it’s facillitate in validating and sending the documents.

It is asked by so many interviewers . So can you please frame the exact answer- what is a dispatcher?


As Senthil suggested, review the Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide. It covers all the details of this behind-the-scenes component. It will answer your question in great detail.

IMO, interview questions on the dispatcher are of questionable value. While there are system level properties that can be tweaked to tune its behavior, it’s generally something no one even thinks about. It’s not a separate component (it’s bundled in with IS). There is no visibility to it. You cannot directly interact with it. It cannot be monitored. The only time it is of any concern is when it breaks (usually via corrupted store) and then you need to engage wM support.

Thanks Reamon. Now i understood it.


Dispatcher Validates Either the document is publishable or Not before sending To the broker.

When Broker is unavailable inside IS it stores documents in outbound document storage. :roll: