Pub sub functionality b/w Broker Doctypes & Topics

Hi All,

we have a scenario where Our Java Client connects to webMethods Broker through Broker Generic JMS API to publish & subscribe the documents. we have setup this broker just as a messaging system to exchange documents, so not connected with any IS. Created Topics and client application publish, subscribe through it.

In another scenario IS publishes documents to other broker, if java client broker wants to subscribe to the documents published on this IS broker, what has to be done here?

Thought of Territories, but got a doubt here, IS broker has IS publishable doctypes & Java client broker has Topics. How both will connect to each other for publish and subscribe.

Need some help here.

If you want to receive messages from IS via JMS, you need to send them via pub.jms:send. Usually when only using IS and Broker, the services in pub.publish are used, but those use the native interface and can not be received via JMS. There are Java libraries delivered with broker, which you can use to subscribe to those as well, but when interfacing with the Java world, I would recommend using JMS.

Yes, I agree with you. But our concern was we have to recreate the entire functionality if we go with pub.jms:send, so thought of getting some workaround from the forum members.
Thanks for your response Martin

As said: You can use the Java Api coming with broker to subscribe to native documents published by IS. This has the disadvantage that it is not a standard protocoll like JMS, but if you have a lot of different document types published you want to use in a Java App, this may be the appropriate way. The Java Api offers all the functionality the pub/sub in IS has, especially support of 1-1 deliver.

Hi Bala,
Messages published through Native broker cannot be subscribed by JMS functionality available in Broker , and vice versa. Even if you try to do it in custom way (though it is not possible), it is not supported.