I am wondering if there is an easy way to get fine grained control using the built in schema validation from webMethods.

After validating a document that can have very complicated structure - I wasnt to be able to get at the specific nodes that are causing the error, and these nodes can be one of many inside of collections.

I was thinking of using the xmlQuery service except that the path that is returned by the error doesn’t include any indexing information. I would prefer not to have to duplicate anything that webMethods can do for me - but I really do need that level of control.

any ideas or even suggestions would be great


What is the doctype or name of the complex structure that you have?Is it any XML estandards or canonical type.

Can you elaborate on your schema xsd?


the schema is an enahnced version of the ACORD schema. So it’s verbose and slightly complicated.

What I need to be able to do is to validate the xml(doctype) against the Schema and then be able to get to the specific node that was in error.

So imagine that the 5th Claims Party of the 2nd Claim didn’t have a last name filled in and it’s a schema required field. And when I do a validate it will tell me that but it won’t tell me the indexes so I can then get to that node later. I just get a flattened collection of errors.