pub.remote.invoke steps issue

Hi All,

In a flow service i am trough invoke step trying to invoke three flow service remotely.But result of first flow service is getting overwritten to result to other two service also.

Please help me



Correct me if I am wrong…You are trying to invoke three flow services remotely… did you create remote server alias?

All the three flow services are on the remote server?

Can you share your code/package?

Did you explore the services in pub.remote:*


Can you plz clear about your question to better suggest you ?



Yes i have created remote server alias and trying to invoke service remotely and all there service are on remote server.

code example:
Map /*here i am mapping output of all there service to one single string */

Note: I have defined scope as session for all there services.

In my code result of service2 is getting overwritten to service3.

Is it possible that result gets overwritten?

How did you define the scope as “session”?

Scope property of a flow step definition follows…

“Specifies the name of a document (IData) in the pipeline to which you want to restrict this step’s pipeline. If you want this step to have access to the entire pipeline, leave this property blank.”



When a service is invoked remotely entire pipeline of parent service will be sent to remote server and same entire pipeline of remote service will be returned to parent service. Try to check service 2 and service3 have same set of pipeline/output variables.

Please see below steps can help you to fix the problem

  1. Map the service 2 result to some other variable immediately after invoked service2

  2. Set unique output variable to service 2 and service 3.

  3. Clear/drop the pipeline in service 2 and service 3 at last but retain only o/p variables