pub.publish:publish waits for top-level service

I´m having some trouble with the pub.publish:publish (local publishing) service which allways waits until the top level service (the service executed by the trigger) is finished when I set trigger Capacity to 1.
I´ve set the delayUntilServiceSuccess to false, but still the publish step wait until the “trigger service” has finished.

The reason I have trigger capacity set to 1 is that I´m trying to make a LIFO Queue. Together with the watt.server.publish.local.rejectOOS (set to true) all documents intended for that particular trigger should be dropped by the IS if the trigger queue is full, and hence you get LIFO behaviour.

I’ve included some output from a test service which publishes 51 documents (top level service takes 3s to execute), which shows the intended LIFO behaviour.

[REPEAT (50)]
[TRIGGER][Capacity: 2]

If I set trigger capacity to 2, I get the intended behaviour - but I would like it to work with Capacity set to 1.

Has anyone come across this behaviour before?
It seems like an IS problem.

Any help is appreciated.

Kind regards,