pub.flatFile:convertToValues empty field csv file

Hi experts,

I want to convert csv file into document type.
I create flat file then create schema.

when I try to call pub.flatFile:convertToValues, which is csv file has some empty fields.
All empty fields not mapped in to data type.

Are there any configuration to show field with empty value in my data type?

Please help…


Try to set createIfNull=true as part of service usage.



I already set createIfNull=true, My field was displayed. For example my “City” field is empty.
This field displayed
City = null

but when I tried to map thid field using this code => %/docs/recordWithNoID/Province% in to xyz variable

my xyz value is %/docs/recordWithNoID/Province% too.

How to make my xyz value = empty

Thank you

Hi Junedi,

you will have to use a copy condition on the mapping and evaluate the source field for null.

Other approach is to use a BRANCH and check for the source field.


Yes, try as Holger told. You have use basic coding for it.


There are so many field in my csv.
should I create validation for every field ?
Are there any simple way to validate them ?