pub.file:getFile error in reading file

Hi all,
I’m using in a flow in webmethods the service pub.file:getFile (load as stream) and that convert it to string to elaborate it later.
The flow is the following (FlowGetFile.jpg).
The file available in the server, read by WM, is the ODEN2L_20191125162943_ALL.txt (100 KB), but after the getfile function execution I receive only the first 20 record (file: ODEN2L_20191125162943_readbyWM.txt).
Did anyone receive this error? Did you know how to solve it?
Thank you.

ODEN2L_20191125162943_readbyWM.TXT (9.77 KB)
ODEN2L_20191125162943_ALL.TXT (86.1 KB)