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Can you please point me to the documentation where the details on built in services to get BPM instance details (including the process status) and to change status appropriately.

Apparently, some sequence needs to be followed when changing the process instance status (for example, if the process instance is STATUS_FAILED, it can not be set to CANCEL). I would like to know the order that wm prt follows.

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The build in services for process and process instance control are documented in the Monitor Built-in Services Reference

online here:

webMethods Monitor Built-in Services Reference (

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Please look in this available monitor service and if you all the required key params from the upstream you can accomplish the CANCEL/RESUME action as well:

pub.monitor.process.instanceControl:changeInstanceStatus Stops, suspends, or resumes a specified process instance.



Thanks for the reply. May I know the difference between these two services?


Tried these services to change the process status (to CANCEL), but it is failing when the process instance is already in FAILED status. Can you please advise what is the logical flow of statuses for process instances?

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Also, in the PRTPROCESS table, there is a column called status. May I know what are all the possible values for this column and the meaning for each value?

Looked at this documentation, but this doesn’t look to be representing the status that I’m looking for (as status 3 is missing in this list and I see that code is to indicate FAILED_ESCALATED).

Answering both your questions -

pub.prt.admin:changeProcessStatus is documented in the Process Engine guide (link).
pub.monitor.process.instanceControl:changeInstanceStatus is in the Monitor guide (link).

The possible process statuses (including EscalateFailure) are documented under the pub.prt.admin:changeProcessStatus service; see “Usage Notes” just after this service’s documentation.



if I remember right there is an overview table in Monitor Users Guide which describes the correlation between the numeric status and their meanings.

1 Started
2 Completed
4 Failed
1024 Stopped (after setting Status as CANCEL)
… (some more I cannot remember oob)

As Failed is considered a final status it cannot be canceled any more. You will have to resubmit the instance and then cancel it.


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