PRT Migration 6.1 --> 6.5

Hi all,

I’m currently reading the advantage documentations about release upgrade to 65 since this is the release that was selected at my project (mainly IS, Broker, Process Model, JDBC).

We are deeply using the process model at our client. These process models could run for weeks and for backend reason some steps of these process models are not resubmitable.

I read in the Broker upgrade documentation that all process models should be finished (or that we have to finish them manually via the monitor) before to start the upgrade.

My question is the following:

“are all the process models which were started in PRT 61 still executed, continued on the PRT 65 ? Or this migration of run-time data is not possible ?”

I saw some information on the “Process Audit Log” database upgrade, but I didn’t have my reply with this documents.

Thank you in advance for your replies since it’s an important information for us.