Provider Filter not working if the Publishable documents/fields have got Namespace prefix before it


I’m trying to subscribe to a UM Publishable document using a Messaging Trigger with below mentioned filter. Filter isn’t working because it has got “:” after the namespace. Did anyone encounter this issue before.

Publishable document:
-------- tns:TestPublishableDocument

Provider Filter (UM Only):
tns:TestPublishableDocument.tns:TestString = ‘ValueToMatch’

Error in IS ServerLog: [ISS.0153.0058E] Trigger TestTrigger is shutting down because of exception: com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nSelectorParserException: Selector string parser error:Lexical error at line 1, column 4. Encountered: “:” (58), after : “”

I tried escaping the “:” using “”. But didn’t work. If I replace “:” with “_”, Trigger isn’t throwing any parsing errors. But subscription service isn’t working.

I had a workaround though. Use this filter in “Local Filter” and it works. I remember, SAG recommended approach was to use the filter in Provider Filter column.

Also, when the Publishable Document Type and the Provider Filter is as shown below, Subscription service isn’t getting invoked. Any ideas, why?

Publishable document:
-------- TestPublishableDocument

Provider Filter (UM Only):TestPublishableDocument.TestDocument1.*body = ‘ValueToMatch’

Hi Sandy,
Realised nobody has replied to you about this. The reason you are having a problem is that a colon is an illegal character in protobuf, so server side filtering does not work because UM only knows it is a protobuf message. Filtering works on the client because IS understands its own message structure. The protobuf specification can be found here:
Regards, Jane.