Protocol Used in WM Broker

We are using WM Broker as a middle ware for our client server application. Now the build is going for Performance Testing. To do this we would like to know what protocol is used to communicate client-server.

Alagiri J

Not sure what you are asking without some more detail. The broker itself is written in C and it has several API’s for talking to it. C, Java and Activex/COM. Generally speaking TCP/IP in conjunction with one of the above api’s would be use. If you can post a little more detail about your architecture, might be able to shed some more light.

Mark G.

I agree with Mark G., your message is pretty vague.

However, if you need to create a test harness to generate load for a performance test, you can do that using a standalone java program. If you need higher load levels, you can make the standalone load generator multi-threaded or run it on multiple workstations.

The code examples in the /samples folder of the Broker’s home directory should get you started.

Broker is usually not a performance bottleneck as its message switching operations are usually much faster than the work to be done by the applications you are integrating with. However, Broker does need adequate memory and fast disk is a must if you are using guaranteed storage.

Mark C.

For performance test with Broker, you can create broker client in C or Java what ever you are using. The message you sent was not clear, but as per my previous experience with Load and performance test in WM environment we use the broker java client API to send and receive document from broker.

I am not sure how you are using the broker in your client server (2 Tier) application. If you give more details it will be helpful.

You can use HTTP protocol for IS service to Invoke.

In LoadRunner you can use Java Broker Client and send and receive document from broker and HTTP for IS service invoke.