protocal of communication between IS and broker


can anyone tell what is the protocol of communication between different components of webMethods.

a) IS to Broker
b) Broker to Java client.
c) IS to JMS.
d) IS to adapters.

Can we able to impliment(provider and consumer) SOAP with JMS transport protocol in webMethods 7.x.

Thanks in advance.


a) Proprietary communication between Broker client components (hosted in IS) and Broker.

b) Same as a. IS is a Broker client using the Broker Java API.

c) Likely to be the same as a, though I do not know for sure. The underlying communication protocol of JMS providers is, I believe, proprietary for each JMS provider implementation.

d) IS hosts adapters. Thus, IS doesn’t really communicate with adapters. Adapters are a part of IS.

I dunno about SOAP bound over JMS in IS 7.x. but SoftwareAG co-authored the SOAP-JMS binding spec submitted to the W3C.

Does someone know if the wM docs mention support of this?