Processing - Rule (Content-based) CentraSite8.2

Dear Community,
I’m currently working out a solution in which I’m invoking a virtual service within the mediator and this virtual service has a processing rule option which allows me to route the request to web-service 1 or 2 based on the content of the request.

To do this within CentraSite ActiveSOA, you select the virtual service, go to processing Rule and select content-based and you define the XPATH query expression, when this is true it will be routed to webservice1 when it’s false the default end point will be selected. Anyway, my problem is that I cannot find any working sample of xpath query which allows me to have the routing feature running.

Can somebody provide me a sample what I need to write in the xpath expression?


Hi Patrick,

I use this kind of XPATH query to introduce runtime policies by consumer application (SLA) testing the value of its identity in the request. But it’s all the same in your case :


the namespace prefixes should be defined as follows :
[HTML]prc http://blabla.bla

and the request is similar to :




Hope this help.