Process Properties are not able shown in the designer


I created new process project and after i created a new process model for implementing in webMethods 8.2 designer.

When I opened the new process model properties. Some of properties are able to see.but some of the properties like, the adavanced tab (runtime, Error, Cancel,Timeout,Global Process Specification, Default Deployment properties) are not able to see in that.

The implementation properties of the task also not able to see in the properties panel.

Could you please help us to sort it out the issue?, is it require any fixes for this?

Please suggest us to resolve the issue.

Thanks and Regards,
Srinivas C


That’s may be because of you using business analyst mode, change to developer mode you will get to see all other properties.



Switch to process developer mode and see.

open designer then go on window->preference->General->Capabilities->Advance Properties then select process developer and click on apply then ok, you can see the all properties now for process model.