Process not shown in myWebmethods

I am new to BPMS. I am following the online course to create a process in Designer. After I saved the process, I click the “Build and upload for exceution” button (according to the course, I should click Generate and upload for monitoring, but I can’t find that so I guess it’s a typo). No error in Designer. But when I go to MyWebmethods, no process shows in Business Process window.

I have my IS running while doing Designer. Do I need anything else?


You are indeed clicking the right button for Designer 7.0

Do you get an errors from the build report? Have you set up the Process Audit Database in the Designer properties? When it builds it puts stuff into the database as well.

Also, is your MWS hooked into the IS properly as the “monitor host” from the System Settings? What about auth in the WmCommAuth package on the IS? This is where the IS gets told about the MWS and will allow it to get the process data.

Process Audit Database is set with the same connection as TN pool (which is setup during wm installation). Connection test is OK.

System Setting is done with localhost for all and default port number 5555 is used, which is also my IS port.

Actually, I got everything in green in Build Report when I clicked upload for execution. But no process shows in MywebMethods.Process.Business Process window.

Do I need to set up Broker as well? My course does not mention anything about Broker though. What else could be missing?

hmmmmmm in the new version “Optimize Locally” is the default for models so it probably doesnt need the broker. So strange it doesnt give errors though

Go and look at your database, in the table “WMPROCESSDEFINITION” there should be an entry for your process, is there one?

Is Designer hooked into your database too? In the preferences → webmethods → process designer → Process Audit database it should be set to the same place your process audit JDBC pool is set to