Process Models Rosetta Net Implementation

Hi ,

I am implementing Rosettanet with WM 6.1 , where i ineed to use PIP3A4 ( Purchase Order Request ) , PIP3C3 ( Invoice) PIP3C4 ( Invoice Rejection )

i have download and successfully imported the PIP’s in to import directory , now i need to generate process models for the above , as we are using standard fields , so no customization of PIP’s are required

is there any place i can get process models of PIP3A4, PIP3C3 & PIP3C4 ?

If u install rosetaenet module ,by default u get pip3A4 process model

Thank you very much kiran,

i found pip3A4 Buyer & Seller Model when i install Rosettanet Module,

regarding 3C3 , 3C4 model , is there any place i can get these ?

Is there any place where can i get sample process models of 4A3,4A5,4B2,4B3,4C1 pertaining to RosettaNet PIP’s??