Process models deployed with wM Deployer are not enabled aft


We are using the wM Deployer tool to deploy process models to an IS 6.1 box.
The Process Model is correctly imported into Monitor but not enabled.
How to have the process model automatically enabled after deployment.
Is there an option in wM Deployer to have the process model automatically enabled ?

Thanks for your help

Jean Francois Roesch-

Unfortunately the answer to your question is: No, there is no way to automatically enable Models that are deployed with Deployer (in the current release). This is something that we may add in future versions of the Deployer.

For now, you need to make sure that your source Model is enabled before you create a build that includes the Model. And after deployment you need to enable the Process Model in the Monitor running in the target environment. Essentially, deploying a Model is equivalent to “Updating the Model for Monitoring” in the Modeler tool. In both cases, the user needs to enable the Model once it is updated/deployed.

Enabling Technologies Group (ETG)