Process Model with \"Started\" status

In wM monitor some of the Process Model are showing as �started� status. But all child steps are showing completed.

Can anybody let us know what may be reason behind it?
Also how to process this �started� transactions without double submission in end applications?

This is a bug. You don’t need to resubmit the instance. We’ve entered a ticket on Sep 2004 (1-48000124) and are still awaiting resolution. Meanwhile we have scheduled a job to clean-up (cancel) those process instances.

Thanks for your reply!

But could you please let me know what may be the reason to show STARTED status instead of showing COMPLETED.

Thanks in advance,


I think it you should look at;d=knowledgebase&oid=161223;32761
It tells what emmanuel is talking about and what webMethods has to say about. There are fixes available that will cure this sickness and bring about fresh new ones for you. Good day.

Yemi Bedu