Process model steps are getting resubmitted

Hi All,
I have a problem with one of my process model. It goes like this: In my process has certain number of steps say 5 steps. certain process are getting resubmitted automatically. For example step 2 and step3 are getting executing several times(i.e., 12 times). this is causing serious problem in environment.As lot of messages are being transferred to destination. Could someone suggest a way around.

It cannot resubmit automatically. Did you set any configuration in the Designer on step resubmit condition?

Check your configurations of the process again… as the process cannot resubmit itself automatically.

Sorry guys! I copied the code that was generated (since I have custom code so backed up). The trigger also was copied along with the flow services and when the WF is kicked off the tigger picked up the doc published to broker and created duplicate tasks.

Always double check the dependency of the publishable document