Process Model Retry check

Hi All,

I want to check the retry count value for process model in flow serviuce
How I can achieve it.

Thanks in advance

Not aware of any API providing such info.
If you have to, try directly read it from table: WMPROCESSSTEP

two columns:

Hi webM vir,

Could you explain your question in detail? Exactly what is your requirement?

Hi Lance,

we have process model which invokes Flow service that perform various logic
fetch record from table consolidate to various table and at last send file to partner’s FTP location.
currently we facing issue of connection with FTP.
for that we have to resubmit the process instance from MWS.

I was planning to implement the the retry logic so that we can retry if any transaction failed while posting to FTP.

I just want to check the value of retry count in flow service so that I can send email notification to support so that they can aware how much time retried.

Thanks in advance.


Below is my understanding.

You are having a process model. One of the steps in the process model doing the job of FTP after aggregation some table content. While sending the aggregated result, you are facing the connection issue. You want to figure it out in the flow step itself.

I used wasftp:login,cd,put. We can get the status of each and every action. Depends on the status we can decide whether we want to retry the ftp process again or not. Not sure if I am address your question. Correct me if my understanding is wrong.


You have this information in the pipeline under ProcessData/TryCount.

You have this information in the pipeline under ProcessData/TryCount.

Hi Arnaud,

Could you give more info on this? where exactly we have to set it? Developer or Designer?

Hi Arnaud, I could see “Step Retry Count” in the step properties in Designer. Do you mean the same?


There is a document named “ProcessData” which is automatically filled in by the Process Engine for every step of a process. Inside you have several values, and one is named “TryCount”. It represents a String with the current iteration number of the step. You can check the definition of this document in the “Administering Process Engine” Guide.

yes. I got it. It is there in the input pipeline. It is there for all the services in the Process folder. So i can hardcode the value what ever i want. Thank you ArnaudW!!!

Hello ArnaudW,

is there any way to get the value of max retry count value also just like trigger invoke service from trigger and implement retry mechanism ?

“How to get the value of max retry count ?”

It’s simple, you just have to use “pub.flow:getRetryCount”. :wink:

Hello ArnaudW,

in case of process model pub.flow:getRetryCount retrycount and max retry count return zero
I already tried it.

I was thinking is there any value coming like TryCount in process model for validate max value.