Process Model not triggered for the outbound document

I got a process model which received a document from partner ,process it - get confirmation from back end and sends back .

Even the Confirmation doc is received correctly from backend my model doesn’t get triggered
My TPA is set correctly and document recognized correctly in TN ,but somehow the model doesn’t picks up the second

Any one faced with similar cases ?
Any possible reasons for not triggering the model ?

Hi Anjana,

please check if the correlation for the second document is implemented correctly.

The Step, where the second document should join the process needs to enabled for correlation and some data in the second document should match the value which has been assigned as correlation id to the process instance.


Anjana – Also verify did you specify any joins or filters to get the model triggered.


Anjana Praveen – Also, is it a new model or done some changes as part of existing model. Check logs too to get some clue.


Hi Anjana,

Can you offer more details?

Is it right to assume that you have a process model that is correctly triggered from TN and then you have another case in which the TN has to send a document that must arrive in the same business process instance?

Is this true?

Can you also share the process model with us?

As Holger said, my first idea is to verify the correlation if it is correct.

Also check the IS logs. The Process engine usually logs when a document that arrives on it’s side cannot be matched to a running process.

Best regards,
Vlad Turian