Process Model Not Seen in MWS


I can see that when transactions are coming in TN they are getting picked up by Process Model and whole flow is getting executed correctly.

But I cannot see the process Model for the trasnactions in MWS under Business Monitoring in MWS 6.5.

Can anyone please help me to debug the cause for this.

Execution Enabled option must be set to true…

Re-generate the model twice or thrice and try triggering your process again.

Hi Amit,

As said by Senthil, kindly check whether Execution is enabled or not. And also make sure that, you get data in TN as such it holds different ConversationID’s…as you can see, ConversationID is the instanceID of the process

Firoz N

Did you check in the server log if the PIDs are geting created,
Sometimes when ur archive and PRT tables are in the same schema and you have archived using the GUI,it will disable all the triggers(database triggers).
So if you have archived the process models please eable the triggers manually.

Let us know if you still face the issue.