Process model invocation through pub.jms:send giving error

Hi All,

we are trying to invoke the process models on different IS via sending the data to broker with pub.jms:send(inside wmPublic package) service which is giving back error but when we try with jms:send service(provided in wmPRT package) it works is it necessary to jms:send service provided in wmPRT or is there any other option.Any suggestions here will be great help.

From docs:

pub.prt.jms:sendWmPRT. Sends a JMS message. This service encodes an IS Document into a JMSmessage and sends it to the specified destination using the specified options. The maindifference between this service and the pub.jms:send service in WmPublic is that thisservice allows the user to easily specify the type of the document, which is required bythe Process Engine to kick off a process instance, as well as make it convenient to formatthe JMS message appropriately for use with the Process Engine.

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Hi Mahesh,

Is there another way to invoke a process model(start message receive protocol set as JMS) without using the jms:send inside the WmPRT package.

Hello Saurabh,

If receive protocol set as JMS, it is mandatory to use jms.send which is in wmPRT.


Not that I am aware of! But can you provide a reason for not using the in-built services?