Process Model file on IS


Is there any Built-In service to retrieve Process Model file (.process) from IS where it has been uploaded?
I know it is stored in DB in “WMPROCESSDEFINITION.PROCESSFILE” column, but I don’t know how to retrieve it with built-in service.


Hi Olivier,

this file is not stored on the IS side.
Only in Process Engine Database or locally in the Designer Workspace.

Did you check the Process Engine Built-In-Services Reference and Monitor Built-In-Services Reference if there is such a service?


Check below services and few more in this folder…


These 2 services are generating an image file of the Process Model (the same as the one that is displayed in MyWebmethods).
this is not my need: I want to download the “.process” file of my Process Model.

Hi Olivier,

I dont think that this is possible.

.process file is only available in the workspace of the Designer.
In the generated package under config/wmprt/ there is only a fragment file containing the transitions.
All other parts are generated and stored to the database excluding the process file.


Hi Holger,

So there is no way to be sure that the “.process” file I have locally in the workspace of my Designer is synchronized with what is deployed on remote IS?


Hi Olivier,

we have the process files under version control (SVN in this case) and all developers check these out into their workspace.

After Development is finished the modified files are commited to version control and the Model is “Build and Upload for Execution” to development environment. From there we use Deployer to propagate to Test, QA and Production environment.

Therefore we know that all instances will have the same version after deployment is completed.
We do not need check this back by retrieving the information from the targets.


Ok, thanks for the clarification, we’ll do something similar.



There is an (internal, use with caution) service called: ws.monitor.process.model(modelId,deploymentVersion).

You can use pub.monitor.process.model(modelId) to get the latest deployed version.

Good luck.

Hi Gerardo,

Not sure to get your point…
I tried “ws.monitor.process.model:getProcessModel” and it doesn’t produce the “.process” file.


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What did you use for inputs?
ModelId is not the name of the process but its “model ID”.

You can get the id and deploy version from the pub.monitor.model… services.

You should get an xmlString or xmlNode which is the content of the .process file.

Best Regards,

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Got it.
It was not clear in your previous message which service I have to use…
Now I’m using “ws.monitor.process.model:getProcessModelXML” and it gives me the XML data representing the “.process” file.


The .process file is also stored in database. The service you used just retrieve it from WMPROCESSDDEFINITIO.PROCESSFIL.