Process is not work

Hi All,

I want to run my Process but I have these stack traces on the server which allow not the running successful of process. You can see the attached logs.

Could you help me please.


logProcess.txt (11.8 KB)
LogMW.txt (2.05 KB)

Can you check if you have installed WmPRT package in your IS?
Can you check if you enabled this package?
Can you find the wmprt.jar in <WmPRT_Package>\code\jars?

Is your IS configured to use a Broker?
Is the DocumentType used by the Process synchronized to the Broker?
Are the WmPRT-DocumentTypes synchronized to the Broker?

Is the process enabled in MWS?

Which Version (incl. Fixes) of IS, Broker & MWS are you running on?

Any error messages upon “Build & Upload” in Designer?


From the IS logs, it does look like that the process instance was executed. I can see various steps (S38, S64, etc) started and subsequently completed.

I suspect that the issue is related to monitor because the error seems to be from MWS logs trying to invoke IS service.

In this case we need the informations I have requested in my previous post.

Additionally we will need the Version of the DatabaseConfigurator and the installed table versions as well.

Maybe there is a configuration mismatch in Monitor-Package and/or MWS-ESB-Administration section.


  • Administrator-Password must be the same on both IS and MWS
  • incorrect SAML-Konfiguration in IS, which is needed for SSO between IS and MWS for certain functions

Some things to check:

Be sure that the service account user for monitor is not using any xml escapable characters in the password.

Ensure that WmPRT is running correctly on all IS servers (if clustered) - research any startup errors if any exist.

Use the “Check Status” button in MWS administration to see if both monitor host and Analytic Engine host are up and running correctly.

As a last resort:
Run DB configurator and catalog the Integration Server database schemas/users used in your JDBC Pools. Ensure that the components installed are at the latest Database Script level, if they are not, migrate the script levels to the latest version.

Good Luck!
Davidsonian Tech