Process instance is not started even if document published to broker

new process instance is not started even if a document is published to broker. We are using clustered 2 node IS. They are concurrent. We are publishing the documents in a for loop but sometimes one or more process instances are not started. Clients began to get this issues when they start to use Internet Explorer 9 browser. We could not recreate the issue on development or test environment. There is no error in IS error. Could you please help how we find the reason of the issue?

Hi Zeliha,

What is your set up look like? Publish method is native broker or JMS?

Any issue/ error / log in server?

Please let me know IS version / Broker version / WmPRT / RDBMS?


Hi Rankesh,

Publish method is native broker. We are not using JMS.

IS: IS 8.2_SP2_Core Fix3
RMDBMS: Oracle 11 g
MWS: MWS_8.2_SP1_fix9

There is no error related the issue.
Actually, we put “pub.flow:debugLog” service after “pub.publish:publish” service in the IS service which is publishing the document. If we have two document, debugLog can be viewed in IS server log for each document. But only one process instance is started even if both document is published. As I said in previous email, the issue occurs sometimes and it does not depend on number of documents to be published. There can be only one document and there is no process intances is started even if it is published and debugLog of it can be viewed in server log.