Process Image Issue with CLI Deployment of Process File

Hello All,

We have a requirement where need to build the process files using process automaton command line command . This we are successful but now we want to give the image of running process instance from pub.monitor.process.instance:generateInstanceImage to external client. If we do repository based deployment the images are not available for this service pub.monitor.process.instance:generateInstanceImage but on MWS we are able to see the same .

Is there any way by which we can get the image of a process instance visible on MWS using process is apart from this service as this given null pointer error if we use repository based deployment

As we see that whenever we build the process using this product DB [WMPROCESSIMAGE] DB processImage Column is emply

If i understand this and another similar post of yours…It seems to be a bug…I would raise a case with SAG

Side note:when you say that you built the model using the Command line command…what command are you talking about?

we can build it using the designer build upload or project automator not much problem there :slight_smile: raised it with SAG they have said they dont have immediate solution for the same

Software AG documentation says “Important:
When you generate a process model with the command-line utility, the associated process model image and icon images are not generated with the model. As a result, any webMethods Monitor APIs that use the process or icon images will not perform as expected with the generated process.”

but we have a req to use CLI build and upload and also use the monitor API is there some way by which we can update the product DB column processFile in product DB table wmprocessimage with jpeg and SVG image binary data

no worries thanks all i found a workaround as always :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Shashank,

were you able to get the image with the service “generateInstanceImage” after generated the process model with the command-line utility?

If so would be nice if you can share your workaround.

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