Process hang in task step

Hi everyone:

I am using webMethods 7.1.1 and I found a problem when developing process flow and tasks.

when I completed a task , the statsus of the task is “Completed” but in process instance, the status of this task is still “started”. Therefore the process hang in this step and never go to next step.

Could any body help me on this? it is realy urgent!
by the way

in MWS system settings,
the credentials for task engine is Administrator/passwd and
in package management of IS task client

Thanks in advance

i would suggest you upgrade to 7.1.2.

Hi Kerni: I’ve found the cause, and it is because a connection error. Still thank you for your reply!

Hi ALL ,
task status shows TaskCompleted rather then completed and process hangs in task step.

Please share wm Version and screenshot of MwS if possible to get a feel of error.


Manoj -

One reason can be that callbackdata field in t_task table is null on this wm task.

If this value is null, flow won’t be transitioned to next step after completion of task step in BPM.

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