Process definition on Integration Server not updated

I made some changes to my process (new transition rules and new gateways) and deployed it on Integration Server (v9.5) without changing model version. Changes are visible on diagram on MWS, but transition rules used by process engine are still old (basing on logs and process behaviour). I checked database and deleted all records regarding old deployments from WMSTEPTRANSITIONDEFINITION and other tables, but it didn’t help. I guess that IS keeps process data somewhere else and this place should be cleared somehow. Does anyone know where it is? Thank you very much.

There will be deployment version associated with every process model apart from model version. Check in WMSTEPDEFINATION & WMSTEPTRANSITIONDEFINATION if the transition is mentioned properly in there.

Ideally, you shouldn’t be touching the database directly because there will be many dependencies around the tables.
Instead of cleaning the old one try to change the version of the process model and make its execution enabled while building & uploading it and see if you still have the same issues.

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Check if you see another deployment version on the process definition table (with the date you deployed it).

Check also the process package’s config/wmprt/name.xml if it has the new definitions.

Reloading WmPRT might help.

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What is the difference between WmPrt reload and IS restart if any? Is WmPRT package reload is necessary after deploy new process model?


as there is no information about deployed models stored in WmPRT package there is no need to reload it.

The information is stored in the ProcessEngine database and in the generated package for the process model.
After deployment check in MWS Monitor UI for the correct settings of the model.