Process and Task and Pipeline

Dear all.

I have a simple process:

  1. the receive step gets a doc with one field → calls Invoke1
  2. Invoke1 validates the doc, i.e. if the field contains a certain value, call Invoke2, else call Task
  3. The task displays the doc, the user has to change the field value, submit. Then Invoke1 is called again and checks the field value.

Everything works fine except that the changing the value of the field in the task is not written to the pipeline. I.e., if the field of the doc contains the value “test”, and in the task this value is changed to “notest”, in the Invoke1 step the value of the field is “test”, again. All steps have appropriate input and output params defined. No errors are thrown.

Can s.o. help me by this description?? Thanks in advanced,