problems with "package" in example ProcessPersons


I am using eclipse 3.2 and Tamino version 4.4.1.

I have been testing the example that includes Tamino “processPersonsWithSchema” and I can’t solve a problem with the line “package com.softwareag.tamino.db.API.examples.person;”. This path exists on the workspace but the program doesn’t accept that line and I don’t know why. For this the file doesn’t compile because it uses methods of “processPersons”. I also have copied the file processPersons in the same folder that processPersonsWithSchema but it also doesn’t work.

The error is: The declared package “com.softwareag.tamino.db.API.examples.person” does not match the expected package.


I got to solve it. It was a mistake because I decompressed the package .jar.
Other question it’s about what tool to compile Java do you recommend me. I am using Eclipse 3.2 but maybe works with Netbeans could be better.
Thanks a lot,