Problems with Flowservice


i have some issues with my Flowservice that i can’t solve by myself.

  1. I added 2 new Documenttypes to the Service (1 as Input, 1 as Output) that i’ve created. Both are named “newDoc”, and i can’t rename them.

  2. I can’t even add more Documents or anything to the Input/Output, but i need a second Document as Output.

  3. Normally the Output-Document contains 1 String and 1 StingList. I’ve deleted the connections to these two Outputelemnts in order to change something in my logic. Then i saved the Service and the Elements of the OutputDoc disappeard. I dont know how to get them back. I could add them manually in the Pipeline, but i think that’s not what you want when you have declared a specific Doc as Output.

Im new to everything so please be patient with me.

Best, Matt

Matt – which version of wM you are using, check any elements are been locked by Administrator


I am using Software AG Designer Verion 9.7

All Services and Documents i am using are written by myself, so all is locked by me.

I think i know what is the problem in my third question:
If i have something like this:

Sequence (Exit on Success)
Sequence (Exit on Failure)
Map <- here i cant use the document which is defined in my Service-Output
Sequence (Error Handler)
Map <- here i see the outputdocument in the pipline-output

// Exit on Failure and Error handler are leafs of Exit on Success

But i would like to access the predefined output document in the “Exit on Failure”-Sequence.

You have to put your document manualy into the Pipeline and map it. It only shows per default in the last step with a pipeline.
At least that’s what i use to do.