Problems with collection("")


When stating the query

for $p in collection(“Bib”)
return $p

the following http request is generated
(taken from the QuiP log)

<![CDATA[GET /tamino/TestXMLDB/Bib?_encoding=utf-8&_XQL(1,1)= HTTP/1.0

Host: XXX
User-Agent: quip


So, the query is missing and QuiP reports an error. Stating a modified version of the query including a path expression on the collection() returns the correct result.

You are right that this is not a nice bahaviour.
Maybe quip should in these cases add /* as the
default query and wrap the resulting elements
as documents.
I will do so in the next version.
Sven Eric

btw: the released version of quip is not very
stable in the path expressions passed on to
Tamino. You might encounter some problems in
more complicated paths following the collection
call. These will hopefully be fixed with the
next release.