Problems starting Integration Monitor using Oracle9i


We are trying to get Integration Monitor working with Oracle 9i. I am using the file and have copied it to \jdbc\oracle per instructions in PDF file. Here is the error that I get when I try to connect:
Could not connect.

java.sql.SQLException:Io exception:Connection refused(DESCRIPTION=(TMP=(VSNNUM=150999297)(ERR=12505)(ERROR_STACK=(ERROR=(CODE=12505)(EMFI=4))))

Please advise…

Kevin Falls

Make sure the SID or Alias is correct. Are you able to connect via jdbc outside of webMethods with the url you are using?

ORA-12505: TNS: listener could not resolve SID given in connect descriptor
Cause: The SID in the CONNECT_DATA was not found in the listener’s tables. This error will be returned if the database instance has not registered with the listener; the instance may need to be started.

Thank you for your help. I was trying to connect to an incorrect database name. Everything seems to work now. I apologize for my carelessness.