Problems launching B2B server 4.6

I have B2B integ server on my laptop (Win NT - 4.6 ) . However, when I start it from the command line - I get an error message…attached is the last part of the startup log showing the error message -

000532 [B2BUNKW.TRANET.1195] 2 (Profile Validation Extended Fields) [TRNSERV.00
000533 [B2BUNKW.TRANET.1195] 3 (Default rule) [TRNSERV.000016.000046]
000534 [B2BUNKW.TRANET.0313] Initializing task store [TRNSERV.000005.000022]
000535 [B2BUNKW.TRANET.1484] Prefetching ProfileSummaries [TRNSERV.000021.00000
000536 [B2BUNKW.TRANET.1493] Loading profile labels for the en_US locale. [TRNS
000537 [B2BUNKW.TRANET.1495] Initializing conversation manager [TRNSERV.000021.
000538 [B2BUNKW.TRANET.0115] Conversation engine initializing [TRNSERV.000004.0
000539 [B2BUNKW.TRANET.0259] CM Reaper: running every 60 secs [TRNSERV.000004.0
00053A [B2BUNKW.TRANET.1908] Registered TNs XML content handler.
00053B [B2BUNKW.TRANET.1327] TNPartners group detected [TRNSERV.000017.000003]
00053C [B2BSERV.0028.0012] WmTNWeb: Startup service (wm.tnweb.helper:startup)
00053D [B2BSERV.0025.0005] Port Manager started
00053E [B2BSERV.0053.0001] Setting KeepAlive Timeout to 15000 ms
00053F [B2BSERV.0053.0001] Setting KeepAlive Timeout to 15000 ms
000540 [B2BSERV.0025.0013] Cache Sweeper started
000541 [B2BSERV.0014.0004] No listening ports were available. Shutting down ser

Hi, please have a look that the port you’ve configured for Intergration Server (5555, i presume) is not already in listening mode. You may check using a netstat command.

Have you got different version of IS running on the same server? Is yes, could that have been started automatically via services?