Problems in JDBC 6.0.1 with BLOBs

I have a large BLOB that I need to Insert or Update into an Oracle database. The byte array associated with this BLOB is 27046 bytes long. (OK, so that isn’t all THAT large).

Anyway, as soon as I include that field in an Insert or Update the operation doesn’t complete as planned. The row isn’t ever inserted or updated and the service doesn’t throw any errors.

Whats the deal? Inserting BLOB works with smaller sets of data!

Thanks for any help,

Look at Oracle Meta Link I belive there driver has a bug. The Merrient driver does not have this problem.

Ran into this problem with the ES Logger adapter and WM told us to use the oter dirver and our problem went away

HI David

I have the same problem as above…
I am using the same Thin Driver and wm6.1…
Please let me know ur valuable suggestions



please be more precise when providing driver versions.

Maybe you should try upgrading to JDBC Adapter 6.0.3 (FP1 for IS 6.1).
You should consider to use the most current Oracle Thin Driver 10g ( as stated in webMethods JDBC Adapter Guide, as older Driver Versions have Problems with LOBs when using the Thin Driver.

This should work for all Oracle DBs 8i (>=8.1.7), 9i & 10g.