Problems deploying portlets using ANT


I am trying to deploy some portlets using ANT as per article:

However, it’s just not working! I’m using Portal 6.5.1. Does this actually work in this version or not? I don’t wanna have to install Eclipse at clients sites just to deploy portlets. Surely many others out there have been trying to use the ANT instead. Anyone having difficulty with ANT? I run “ant clean’, then “ant dist” then 'ant deploy” all from the portal/mycomponents directory where all of my portlet folders are. I have changed the portal server name in the folder to point to the correct one. Anyway, when I have run all these commands, the portlets still don’t seem to be installed. There is nothing in the portlet.war folder, and there are no classes or JSPs installed either. No errors appeared when running the commands either. Anyone any ideas?




I know this worked in an earlier release, but I haven’t tried it in 6.5.1. Suggest creating an SR with WM Support.