Problem with Trigger Using WebMethods 60

Hello webMethods Users:
I am using webMethods 6.0 and have 4 broker servers in a Territory. I have created a publishable document type. I created a service to run at the subscribing site that takes that doctype as input. I created a trigger with 1 condition, the subscribing service, and the document type.

I publish the doctype and the trigger picks up the doument type and runs the serivce. All is well.

The next day I publish the same document type. I see the trigger is active in IS on the server where I created it. It does not pick up the document type and does not run the service.

I restart IS and re-save the trigger. I make no changes to the trigger. The trigger then runs fine until the next day.

I am running IS as a service on Windows 2000 machine.

Any ideas on what could cause this problem?

Much appreciated.
Sue G.